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Taxi Ben Gurion

Drive in comfort to any point in Israel, you make the decision and we accept the challenge!

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  • Our prices remain the same, regardless of holidays, days of the week, or time;
  • Flat rate to any party of the city;
  • If a transfer is necessary front and back you will receive a 5% discount!
  • Driver will wait free of charge for an hour upon your arrival;
  • Minivans are available for groups;
  • Car seat is placed free of charge for children;
  • Your driver will carry you’re luggage to the car;
  • Our fleet of cars/vans are equipped with air conditioners!


Phone, WhatsApp,Viber, Skype.



Customer satisfaction is our priority! We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. Our drivers along with our fleet of cars and vans are ready to take you to any destination in Israel! Upon your booking our manager will contact you with your prices.

Arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, you will pass through passport control, and receive your luggage. Our driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall, the driver will be holding a greeting with your surname. They will escort you to your vehicle and help you with your luggage.

You have a choice of ordering a sedan, taxi or a bus. This service is usually used for people traveling with more than four people. All of our drivers are bilingual, they speak Russian and Hebrew. If you have not made a reservation at a hotel please inform our driver, they will better assist you and help you choose a comfortable Hotel.

It is our job to make you feel like you are at home from the moment you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport! We can also assist you on your departure!

Order a taxi from your hotel

When you are ordering a taxi for your returning flight, please let us know if we are picking you up from a private house, an apartment building, or a hotel. It is very important that you give us the correct address and the name of the hotel as well as the time. If you are reserving a taxi to take you to the airport please inform us about the departure time and the airline you will be flying with.


If you live in Israel, and you need to arrange a meeting with your friends or business partners, and you can’t pick them up from the airport, you can rely on our drivers to greet them and drive them to any destination. You can reserve a car online or by phone.


Town Distance
Prise €
4 pers.
Prise €
6 pers.
Acre 1203699 1:30368 17016698 200285
Arad 130198546 1:30 10521 1459845
Ashdod 451534 0:40 75894 901587
Ashkelon 60254 0:50 85358 958943
Bat Yam 25854 0:30144 40:8555 60111
Beersheba 100:456 1:15,535 105154 135352
Herzliya 30,3663 0:30:40 55,35 70741
Golan Heights 170545 2:10:22 165353 190,675
Jerusalem 50852 0:50:16 85655556 130852
Caesarea 80653 0:50:33 9054 110481
Dead Sea 160656 2:00:41 190952 235276
Nazareth 1155 1:00:24 15585 170153
Town Distance
Prise €
4 pers.
Prise €
6 pers.
Netanya 5083 0:40:28 80564 90514
Ramat Gan 30,65 0:30:18 45,258 60789
Tiberias 1508528 2:00:41 15059 170365
Tel Aviv 3052 0:25:43 40757 605
Haifa 1105274 1:20:34 155220 1702,21
Hamat Gader 1703,78 2:20:00 12095 1501,55
Hadera 605,66 1:00:36 1706,42 1150185
Safed 18001 2:00:47 1903,25 2007,65
Eilat 3300,65 3:30:11 4751,25 5550,96
Ein Bokek 1602870 2:00:44 1903,54 2359,35
Ein Gedi 13011 2:00:20 1908,28 23524
Yafo 3011 0:30:63 409,52 603,41
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We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service!

Taxi Ben Gurion Tel Aviv

Time and money saving, comfort and safety on the road, exceptional service is a full service of the pre-ordering a taxi in Tel Aviv airport.

Ben Gurion International Airport is the main air gateway of Israel. Just here 90 percent visitors of Israel leave their planes. From Tel Aviv airport they begin their journey on the amazing and ancient Jewish land. And the first question which will be faced by everyone-how to get from the airport to the final destination?

Comfortable, inexpensive, fast and safe transfer from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv or any other city in Israel can be ordered a transfer from our agency. One minute you will need that to fill in the online application and you can be sure that in the arrival hall you will be met by our driver. He will be waiting with a sign in his hands, where your name is written, will help you with your luggage, carry through the maze of passages and escalators to the car and take comfort from the ending point of your trip. And of course during your way you will not have a language barrier - our drivers speak English

Transfer fee in the central part of Tel Aviv Yaffo, railway station or coach bus is just only 45 €. The prices of other areas you will see in the order form by selecting your desired route. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the ordering of our taxi, transfer or other services can be found in the FAQ.